Executive Summary

Introduction of Gagsty A decentralised application, also known as a dapp that runs on a P2P network.A dapp's code is open source, or the fundamental part of the data interaction is done by open source smart contracts arranged on the blockchain. Due to the nature of the blockchain, a decentralized application’s data is open, transparent and cannot be tampered with.

Gasty is one of the largest dapp distribution platforms. Our platform showcases dapps based on trusted dapp data analytics, community reviews and user comments. We are the most popular price tracking website. We also offer full stack marketing and PR services for Crypto and fintech companies.

Decentralized applications that are built on blockchain are no longer a new concept. In fact, it is the most interesting and trendy concept that is going to rule the world soon. There are many slides and versions of blockchain technology. Gagsty puts it all in one place to explore nfts, nft marketplaces, blockchain games, DeFi , dapps on the blockchain, and more on the world’s dapp store.

Gagsty is one of the most popular price-tracking websites that brings high-quality, accurate insights on decentralised applications, Dapps, NFTs, gaming, and a detailed list of tokens to the wider audience in this rapidly evolving cryptocurrency space.

We are so captivated by the opportunity of the continually increasing ecosystem and the vast prospects it has to offer in the future that it became our goal to be able to give the same to you.

List your events on / Dapps / Projects, etc. on Gagsty to get maximum reach. You can post your news here. Web 3.0 is obviously a more secure version. You can also choose this to post your content. Our chat wall, Airdrop/Give ways, is web 3.0 based.

We will provide you with posts and project follow options. Our visitors can comment on your post and chat with the creator. As the creator’s name will be published there. Everything you do on the web platform will be fully decentralised and so is fully secured.

Gagsty Wallets are very important feature of Gagsty Ecosystem which is available in both web 2.0 and web 3.0 platform.

Besides, trending news, and giveaways are available on both the platforms only the facilities and security differs.

Vision & Mission

Blockchain adoption is accelerating fast with increasing interest of people. Crypto is the future of investment. Despite many regulations, investors are showing their interest in crypto. After observing the problems and factors that become barriers for the investors, we decided to create an ecosystem that is ready to solve our users’ problems. We are on our mission to provide them a reliable platform. A platform that will provide them with the best crypto services according to their need. The possibilities that dapps offer to change the world are endless and exciting. Our super efficient team is always giving their best to provide more trendy blockchain services. We also made a segment for blockchain gamers and they can invest in tokens there also. We provide trusted information and a trusted platform for developers and users who want to explore the potential of blockchain and decentralized technology.

Our mission is to be the one stop solution for all crypto related services. Ggasty empowers its users to uncover the profits of decentralized apps in the best possible ways.

Gagsty Team members

Gagsty team consists of efficient team members, who have profound knowledge of the field. They are skilled and dedicated to applying the skills for the good of the team as well as for the users of the platform. Each member is aware of his functionality and does their job reliably. Gagsty believes in teamwork. Either way, team working is a vital way of completing projects. It's worth developing and refining the skills that will help make an invaluable contribution to the project. We are so captivated by the opportunity of a continually increasing ecosystem, blockchain, and the vast prospects it has to offer in the future that it became our goal to be able to give the same to our users. Gagsty is the name of an effort of all the founding team members who have multiple start-up experiences as serial entrepreneurs. The team has been constantly working to serve you with the best.

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