User Ecosytem

Gagsty is working with a concept that is comparatively new and potentially profitable. We want our users to fetch better results and the most profit. Keeping this in mind, we have kept our platform relatively easy to use. For that reason, keeping security in mind, our users are allowed for 3 Dap listings, 5 event listings, and total news posts with a single account. You can follow and comment on posts of other users and vice versa. Thus, you can also generate leads and create more sales opportunities. Numerous additional features that you can benefit from our platform are airdrops, referral schemes, and trading tournaments that may assist users in fetching more profits from the assets.

Another good part of the Gagsty ecosystem is the Gagsty token, a utility token.

Our team works incessantly and continuously to turn leads for our clients. We have worked on projects that not only provide incredible experience but include increased results.

User Login | Signup

Users can quickly log in here and search on Google.

  • Now complete your profile with the necessary data. The only thing new to signing up here is a professional email id.

  • After registration, the users enable FA and finish the KYC process to utilise the platform’s accounts and other features.

  • Now that you have an account on Gagsty, you have become our priority. Our core intention is to protect your faith and the money you invest in.

User Activity | User Dashboard

Users can check their token status and dapp enrol activity anytime by going to the user dashboard section. They can private or public their profile according to their choice and risk. Private tokens are always secured and only visible to the user.

Chat Management

Users can manage their chat section anytime if they feel any confusion or query as per the token or dapp enrollment. They can just message us, and we will solve their question. No other users are allowed in a particular chat section of a specific user.

User wall

Users can check their token or dapp wall anytime with the updated status.

Wallet System (Send and Received)

Users can find the sent and received amount of their dapp or tokens in the wallet anytime.


Users can stake their tokens anytime with Gagsty with any other crypto platform as per their preference.

Hold System

Users can hold their tokens if they wish, utilise them when the crypto market arises, or profit with them.


Users can swap their tokens any time with any other users or with Gagsty if they wish, and they can get rewards according to the token's value.

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