Introduction of Gagsty Token

Gagsty token is an interesting and inevitable part of the Gagsty ecosystem. It is basically a utility token that is based on blockchain technology. Our goal is provide the best utility of the token to you. Different airdrops are available with the Gagsty token.


The total supply of the Gagsty tokens is 100 billion or 1000 Crore. The highest number of token allotments will be held by the company, which is 30% of the total supply of the Gagsty Tokens. 5% of the total number of tokens will be allotted for airdrops. The airdrops will start on MAY 26, 2023. We have decided to allot 1% for airdrops in each month from September onwards. 40% of the total supply of Gagsty tokens is allotted for sale. Our sole intention is to keep our users’ money safe and to decrease inflation rates. We have decided to burn 10% of total tokens at regular intervals. Besides, we keep 15% of the total number of Gagsty tokens that will be used for liquidity, staking or marketing purposes.

As we have said repeatedly that our sole concern and principal asset is our users who use our platform for enlisting tokens or publishing news. We have decided to give tokens to each of our holders. They are the sole owner of those Gagsty tokens. They can hold those coins as well as they are free to sell those coins.

Token overview

Gagsty Token is created as a utility token for discounted trading fees on the Gagsty platform. It is a cryptocurrency that can be used to trade and pay fees on the Gagsty platform. Users of Gagsty token receive a discount in transaction fees on the Gagsty platform as an incentive. Gagsty token can also be used, exchanged or traded for other cryptocurrencies. The other uses of Gagsty tokens are:

  • They can be traded for other cryptocurrencies on various exchanges.

  • They can be used to pay for transactions on the Gagsty platform, and users also allow a discount for doing so.

  • They can be used for payment of crypto credit card bills.

  • Retailers can offer Gagsty tokens as a mode of payment and vice versa.

  • Users can invest in cryptos using the Gagsty token.

Primarily the total supply of the Gagsty token is 1000,00,00,000. Here is a brief breakdown of how Gagsty tokens will be initially distributed

  • Public sale: 40%

  • Giveaway/Airdrops : 05%

  • Gagsty Team : 30%

  • liquidity: 15%

  • Token burn : 10%

Token strategy

As the name of the token suggests, it is not difficult to figure out that the Gagsty tokens have a close relationship with the most popular, Gagsty. The growth of Gagsty has been explosive since its launch.

Gagsty Tokens are created with the intention of fuelling and facilitating various transactions in the Gagsty platform and its ecosystem. The total supply of the Gagsty tokens is limited to 100 crores. All sorts of fees on the Gagsty platform such as trading fees, listing fees, exchange fees and virtually any other fee can be paid using Gagsty tokens. Users can still choose to pay the fees with the cryptocurrency of their choice; however, Gagsty does offer a rebate as an incentive for users to pay their fees in Gagsty tokens. Besides facilitating operations in the Gagsty platform, Gagsty tokens can be used in other fields such as investing in certain Initial Tokens Offering. Gagsty also provides a seamless marketplace between crypto-exchange and ICO by listing new tokens on its marketplace.

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