Dapps Ecosystem

A decentralised application, also known as a dapp runs on a Peer To Peer Decentralised network. A dapp's code is open source, or the fundamental part of the data interaction is done by open source intelligent contracts arranged on the blockchain. Due to the nature of the blockchain, a decentralised application’s data is available, transparent and cannot be tampered with.

Gagsty is one of the largest dapp distribution platforms. Our platform showcases dapps based on trusted dapp data analytics, community reviews and user comments. We are the most popular price tracking website. We also offer full-stack marketing and PR services for Crypto and fintech companies.

Decentralised applications that are built on blockchain are no longer a new concept. It is the most exciting and trendy concept that will rule the world soon. There are many slides and versions of blockchain technology. Gagsty puts it all in one place to explore NFTs, NFT marketplaces, blockchain games, Defi, dapps on the blockchain, and more on the world’s dapp store.

Gagsty is one of the most popular price-tracking websites that brings high-quality, accurate insights on decentralised applications, Dapps, NFTs, gaming, and a detailed list of tokens to the broader audience in this rapidly evolving cryptocurrency space.

We are so captivated by the opportunity of the continually increasing ecosystem and the vast prospects it has to offer in the future that it became our goal to be able to give the same to you.


The following are the primary advantages of staking/swapping with Gagsty cryptocurrency:

  • Unlike crypto mining, which needs additional equipment, crypto staking doesn't.

  • On your cryptocurrency investments, you can make a set amount of interest.

  • Staking has less of an impact on the environment than mining.

  • The effectiveness and security of PoS blockchains are directly improved by staking.

You would receive 1% of all staking payouts if you held 1% of the pool's total points. Players cannot unstake after choosing their stake duration until the allotted time has passed. They can only receive staking winnings while they are betting.

With good reason, the staking business is expanding its share of the market in the cryptocurrency space. Avoid falling behind.

Moreover, Users can get the best crypto tokens to swap or stake with us.

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