A giveaway is a marketing tactic that involves giving away rewards following the organisers' preferences for terms and conditions. One of the numerous advantages of this activity is that it increases client involvement.

Any user can use this giveaway ecosystem with ease. If they do the Giveaway campaign on the Gagsty site, they can get additional promotion benefits, token rewards, token bonuses and many more. We simultaneously promote the giveaway to other popular blockchain websites and social media channels.

Crypto giveaway promotions bring more traffic with leads, brand awareness, and cheap marketing rates. Now our users can do the Self giveaway and Sponsor giveaway with us.

So, users can get the double benefit with an investment of one giveaway promotion. This approach makes it simple to create a unique price list for each potential customer and provide quotes based on the designated pricing lists. With the help of our integrated and thorough CRM System, you may more easily identify new customers.


Users of cryptocurrencies who engage with new and old sites regularly will probably get an airdrop. As part of a more extensive marketing campaign, airdrops include blockchain-based companies and developers giving away free tokens to local community members. Sending freshly created coins to thousands or even hundreds of wallet accounts is the primary goal, with the aim that receivers will be more likely to interact with the relevant project, even if it's just to figure out how to exchange the free tokens for anything else.

If you are a seasoned Gagsty user, take part in airdrops directly on the platform. Try out all the tools on our website, then return to see our complete airdrop schedule. Click on our website if your cryptocurrency project wishes to partner with us for an airdrop.

Airdrop Promotion | Management

We do the best airdrop promotion for the upgrowing blockchain firms to help them bootstrap a virtual currency project. When it lists an exchange as an initial coin offering, it hopes to raise awareness of the cryptocurrency project and encourage more people to trade in it (ICO). As this is a viral marketing promotion, we focused on it primarily out of the other advertisements. We do every kind of airdrop promotion like- Standard Airdrop, Bounty Airdrop, NFT Airdrops and Holder Airdrop. So anyone can now do the airdrop promotion with us with high perspectives.

Giveaway Token

Now users can easily earn their giveaway tokens with Gagsty and many PR promotions on various blockchain networks. Users can utilise the token as per the future benefits and so on.

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